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  • June10th

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    The team at Westcott has already started preparing for another great show this September. We are currently putting together some great looks and sets to make sure that there is something for everyone, and once again the shootout booth will be sure not to dissapoint.  

    This years themes are safely locked away in the vault, but they will be right up there with the amazing ideas from the past. Eric Eggly and I will be on the showroom floor once again to help, offer advice, and showcase the new flagship of Westcott’s continuous lighting systems the new Spiderlite TD6. If you have been to the shootout both in the past you know how cool this opportunity is, if not, imagine having a set built for you, pro models hired in for you, the best lighting equipment brought in, and all you have to do is play! Yep not kidding!

    You are encouraged to bring your cameras, test the lights out and who knows, maybe even win some prizes!!! 

    Here are a few edits from my own shots from the past few years.

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  • June9th

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    Hit the Lodge

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    Supershoots is at it again! After taking a brief few minutes to catch some breath and get some editing in, I will be heading out to this years Hit the Lodge event to help out mentoring, working with photographers and models. If you are a photographer wanting to learn more about the art of shooting with models this is a great environment to do it. There are seasoned models there to help you, as well as a talented group of photographers to answer questions and offer pointers if you would like them. I have been to a few as a student and a teacher and I can tell you they are always a great time. This year it falls on June 18th through the 22nd. For more information check out www.supershoots.net. Tell JT that MJ sent you!

  • June9th

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    I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve as a mentor this weekend to the Supershoots group at Hit the Lodge XI! Supershoots was there at the beginning of my journey in photography,  and it seems only fitting that I get a chance to give back to the same group who had given to me. JT Smith; creator and photographer, has assembled a great team of artists, models, and instructors, and it will be great working alongside of them to share what I’ve learned through the years. The HTL workshop is the flagship of the events that he organizes and it is an excellent place for those wanting to learn, practice, network, and catch a few tips from the pros.

    For more information on Hit the Lodge, or Supershoots check out www.supershoots.net and sign up. It’s free and it’s a great place to show your work, get critiques, and keep up with your photo friends.

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