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It was an honor and privilege to work with FJ Westcott on their 2010 Product Catalog. I have been nothing but pleased and impressed with FJ Westcott and it’s staff that I have been blessed to meet. The company is loaded with high quality products and only matched by the caliber and dedication of people that are there to help you with questions about them.

The catalog was a great project to work on and something that I am very proud to have been a part of. I need to send out a huge thank you to each and every person who had a hand in helping bringing this one to life. From our incredible set assistants, to Westcott’s team, everyone played an important hand in the making, and I was lucky to have them there for me. Our theme was Gaia. Mother Earth. And the thought process was that she is the feeder of light to the earth, the protector and nurturer. Where we come in to play as photographers, we to depend on light to shape and create our images. Light is a key factor in what we do, I am grateful to be able to work with the best products on the market when I’m ready to create! Thanks Westcott!

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