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I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve as a mentor this weekend to the Supershoots group at Hit the Lodge XI! Supershoots was there at the beginning of my journey in photography,  and it seems only fitting that I get a chance to give back to the same group who had given to me. JT Smith; creator and photographer, has assembled a great team of artists, models, and instructors, and it will be great working alongside of them to share what I’ve learned through the years. The HTL workshop is the flagship of the events that he organizes and it is an excellent place for those wanting to learn, practice, network, and catch a few tips from the pros.

For more information on Hit the Lodge, or Supershoots check out www.supershoots.net and sign up. It’s free and it’s a great place to show your work, get critiques, and keep up with your photo friends.

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