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It was great meeting up with old friends and discovering new ones at the Photoshop World Expo in Orlando earlier this month. After leaving Orlando I was home for about 9 hours before leaving for my next job in Kansas City, and just now getting home so please pardon the delay. Once again the Westcott Shootout Booth was a huge success and drew a large crowd of photographers and general spectators every day of the event. For those of you unfamiliar with the shootout, it is a 4 stage set that we build full with props, models, and lighting setups so people can shoot and learn about lighting, and working with models. Once again we had several talented models, and the makeup artistry of Candace Corey to thank for the success. Several of the concepts proved to be a big hit including a fully dressed Samurai warrior, a Geisha, a pinup girl, an African warrior, Marie Antoinette, Harley Quinn, Rapunzel, Queen of Hearts, steampunk, and many more. As soon as I get some time to work some images up I’ll post them here, but I am sure you will find the net flooded with images from the event soon. For all of you that I got a chance to work with and talk to it was a pleasure, and I hope that I was able to help you whether it was understanding lighting and exposures, working with models, or any other bit of advice I could pass on. Anyone I met there feel free to send me a shout, I’d love to hear from you and even see some images from the booth.

Happy Shooting!

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